TAZO Chai Tea Increases New Product Trial at Key Retailers with Consumer-Generated Reviews and Recommendations



Since 1994, the tea-lovers who make up the TAZO team have made it their mission to blend unexpected flavors and bring fresh tea into homes across the globe. Among their teas is TAZO Chai Tea - but with thousand of tea products in the market, TAZO needed a way to boost awareness of its new product and drive trial in key retail stores. Download the TAZO case study to learn how our Smiley360 solution has impacted the TAZO Chai Tea product. 


TAZO needed a way to increase awareness of its new TAZO Chai Tea products and drive trial at key retailers through content and recommendations across social networks. 


TAZO activated 4,100 consumer influencers in the Smiley360 community who aligned with their desired target consumer. Members received full-value coupons and product samples, and were encouraged to share their experiences through social media. All content drove friends and followers to a digital coupon to help drive conversion.