[Interactive] How Snapple Doubled In-Store Promotion Results with Consumer Influencers



From peach to green to half and half, Snapple, which was founded in 1972,  is no stranger to the world of tea. Among these flavors is Snapple’s newest offering: Snapple Straight Up Tea.  Made with “all natural ingredients and no artificial anything,” this tea appeals  to the growing number of health-conscious consumers today. But with several  food and beverage products also marketing to this group, Snapple needed a way  to boost awareness of its new product and drive purchase trial and conversion, specifically in Target retail stores. Download the Interactive Snapple case study to learn how our Smiley360 solution has impacted the Snapple Straight Up Tea product. 


Snapple needed a way to boost brand  awareness of its new Snapple Straight Up Tea  and drive trial specifically in Target retail stores.


Snapple accessed 1,200 shoppers that aligned  with their desired consumer target through the Smiley360 Community. These shoppers  were prompted to try the tea and share their  experiences through social media with their friends and family. The posts contained a CTA  for either 10 or 15 percent off through the Target Cartwheel app.