How Osmocote® Drives Product Trial and Awareness with Smiley360 Peer Advocates



Osmocote® is an all-in-one nutrient dense solution for plants. For 50 years, Osmocote® has been the brand that professional gardeners trust for plant nutrition. 


Osmocote® marketers were confronted with the challenge of only reaching 39% of their target market. The plant-food solution needed a way to reach product-specific targets to increase loyalty, brand awareness, drive trial and advocacy.


Osmocote® launched a word-of-mouth campaign (Mission) through the Smiley360 community, activating 750 passionate gardeners and influential shoppers to drive trial to convert new loyal consumers. The campaign was split into two sections: the first half of the 8-week long Mission launched in the spring when Members were asked to use the sample provided when planting their gardens. The second half resumed in the fall when members were asked to share their finished garden photos.