How LALA® Drives Product Trial and Brand Awareness Through UGC from Targeted Peer Influencers

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LALA® has a mission to transform the industry by creating new and great-tasting ways to feed the body and soul while aiding health and growth, for all people. LALA® produces high-quality real yogurt smoothies, blended cup yogurt, Mexican-style sour cream and milk.


LALA® foods aimed to drive awareness, trial and repeat purchase in US stores, with a specific focus on increasing foot traffic and in-store purchase at key retail partners including Walmart, Kroger, Wakefern, Publix and Meijer.


LALA® partnered with the Smiley360 community by mobilizing 750 peer influencers within their key consumer target – men and women, ages 25-35, living an ”on-the-go” lifestyle and who shop at key retailers. Activated consumers were invited to join the “LALA® Yogurt Smoothies Mission” and pick up a complimentary LALA® drinkable yogurt product through a VIP coupon redeemed at targeted retailers.