Gold Eagle’s 303® Line Achieves 135% Sales Lift with Consumer Influencers 



Since 1932, the team at Gold Eagle has made it their mission to produce innovative automotive chemicals to prevent and cure the toughest engine problems. Despite the number of products Gold Eagle has to offer, competition is high as other automotive protectant brands are fighting for the attention of car enthusiasts. The marketing team needed a way to boost awareness of their new product line in a highly competitive marketplace. Download the Gold Eagle case study to learn how our Smiley360 solution has impacted the 303® brand. 


After adding several new auto care products into its 303® line, the team at Gold Eagle struggled with driving awareness in a highly competitive marketplace. The brand team needed a way to increase content and reviews on various social networks.


The Gold Eagle team activated 900 consumer influencers in the Smiley360 community who aligned with their target audience. Those consumers tried 303®’s Automotive Protectant and were prompted to showcase their experiences through photos, reviews and recommendations and content on social media.